When the drugs make sleep worse


Methamphetamine – ‘devil’s dandruff’ exacts its toll.

NZD Meth   Methamphetamine – the devil’s dandruff   Methamphetamine (meth, ‘p”, ice) is the drug causing arguably the most problems in NZ at present. Marcus Lush refers to it as “the devil’s dandruff” and the animation comedy Brotown calls it “upside down ‘b’”.  While alcohol is still the drug causing most social harm, the […]

The Mind of an Addict.

Episode 3 2nd Season Dexter Sponsor: So you don’t think I understand your addiction. I couldn’t possibly feel that need …like a thousand hidden voices whispering “this is who you are” and you fight the pressure.. the growing need rising like a wave…prickling and teasing and prodding to be fed. And the whispering gets louder […]

Addicts Are Not To Blame.

“Addictive fascination and fixity of interest have been justly compared to the more commonly known stage of romantic or infatuated love in which the lover thinks constantly of the beloved and pines and suffers when not in their presence. An individual in such a state of mind is said to be obsessed with their love […]

How To Deal With Trauma

When it comes to how to deal with trauma, Viktor Frankl is the man…. he was a psychiatrist in Germany in 1936 and he was Jewish- so he watched his parents , his wife and kids go off to one camp – a death camp as he later discovered – and he went to a […]