Professional Supervision for Psychologists

Malcolm has considerable experience in providing clinical professional supervision for psychologists, counsellors and other professionals including GPs, lawyers involved in mediation and mental health managers.

He is an approved supervisor for interns of University of Auckland and Massey University doctorate programmes; in fact, he has supervised students for these academic programmes as part of their clinical placements since 2003.

Malcolm has supervised clinical psychologists, health psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health nurses, social workers and other clinicians in mental health settings since 2002.

He has also recently offered supervision to GPs working with chronic mental health patients and to lawyers involved in mediation work.

Malcolm has had clinical training and qualifications in supervision from attending the Introductory and the Advanced Supervision programmes run by Dr Fiona Howard at the Psychology Department of the University of Auckland.

He has supervised many psychologists through the Continuous Competence Process (CCP) audits introduced in 2009 and, to this end, structures supervision to adhere to the goals, objectives and self reflective reviews required by the NZ Psychologist’s Board to meet the audit requirements of both supervisors and supervisees.

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