Psychology Consultancy

Malcolm has been involved in psychology consultancy work for over 20 years, as a psychologist in DHB, NGO and private practice settings. He has built networks with a range of Government Departments, including Justice-probation, Police, ACC, CYFS, NDSA and MOH.

As a psychologist, he has been a clinical representative on many interest groups, including, in last 3 years, the MOH NZ Suicide Prevention Forum, the Blueprint Mental Health 101 Literacy Development Group and the MOH National Governance Group for e-CBT.

He is currently a Board member of  TRANX and has been on Boards of NGO providers and other non-profit groups.

Malcolm has worked with NZ Police and Auckland City Council Liquor Licensing Agencies in an attempt to reduce alcohol related harm with the Last Drink Survey, and with Alcohol Healthwatch.

He has been a consultant to Harrahs (now Sky City) Casino to reduce alcohol related harm and has assisted with establishing Host Responsibility Programmes.

He is currently a regular presenter on radio and television show, ‘The Nutters’ Club’ with host Mike King. He is also a frequent contributor to the mental health section of NZ Doctor, and has been an invited specialist on several TV documentaries and other specialist publications.

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